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The Japanese company U-Shin, a world leader in the development and production of automotive access mechanisms and control panels was founded in 1926. For nearly a century, it has been providing its customers worldwide with reliable, competitive and innovative solutions. The U-Shin brand is an international company with a presence in 17 countries of the world.

With its strong portfolio of more than 2500 patents, U-Shin has unique know-how in the field of mechanics, optics and electronics, which it implements in a wide range of products such as outer cranks, inner cranks, various types of locks, latches, electric locks, switches, control panels, contactless opening systems and motorized opening systems. With 12 development centers all over the world, U-Shin is able to implement global projects in different countries to optimize production costs effectively while maintaining output quality.

In line with the corporate philosophy of "U-Shin is its people. People are our asset." we encourage the creativity of our employees to create a truly innovative approach to human resources. In the ranking of the values ​​of our company, people stand on top bar. They are our capital and the most valuable asset behind the power of U-Shin brand.

U-Shin Slovakia plant in Košice is the largest facility within the U-Shin Access Mechanisms group. It has been located near the international airport, in the industrial park at Peres since 2008. In addition to the production hall, where products are assembled utilizing modern manual, semi-automatic and automatic lines, you will find a fully functional administrative center, laboratory and development department here.

Our R&D project teams have the knowledge and expertise to support all new programs and applications of our customers. We are a multi-production plant- our final products include latches, handles and locksets designed for world automotive companies. Our mission is to continuously increase our competitiveness in the dynamic automotive market. Our people are part of a team. "One Team U-Shin " in the effort for perfection!



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